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Welcome to the 


A better future for your family starts here.

At the Red Wagon Club, we've reimagined the traditional concept of estate planning. We understand that securing your family's future is a lifelong journey, and it doesn't have to be a dry and burdensome process. That's why we've created a community where you can learn, connect, and thrive.

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the complex world of estate planning. With the Red Wagon Club, you'll have exclusive access to:

Educational Resources

Stay informed about the latest legal and financial developments that impact your estate. We provide expert insights, guides, webinars, and more.

Weekly Lawyer Calls

Talk with seasoned attorneys and funding professionals who can offer personalized advice and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Curated Workshops

Enhance your knowledge with specialized workshops, seminars, and courses designed to expand your understanding of estate planning and financial management.

A Community of Learners

Connect with fellow members who share your passion for lifelong learning. Share experiences, insights, and resources to grow together in our website and in our Facebook Group!

Exclusive Events

Gain access to exclusive entertainment events, including theater, concerts, and VIP experiences.


Don't just take our word for it. See why our members are so excited about being in the 'club'!

  • What is the Red Wagon Club?
    The Red Wagon Club is a monthly membership program where clients enjoy on-going education as well as fun events. Our commitment is to ensure Red Wagon Club members receive value and service through exclusive videos, webinars, workshops, and special events.
  • What are the benefits of the Red Wagon Club?
    The Red Wagon Club provides a range of valuable benefits including: Discounts for friends and family members Ongoing guidance for funding new assets Weekly Phone Calls with an Attorney Access to an online library of videos A network of aligned professionals A members-only Facebook group Weekly Call-In Hours for Funding Monthly Whiteboard Webinars Members-only website Members-only newsletter Fun events throughout the year.
  • What is the membership fee?
    The membership fee is $150/month.
  • What types of fun events do you host?
    Fun events can include a variety of activities such as attending Pirates games, riverboat cruises, visits to wineries, and other enjoyable outings throughout the year.

Join The Club

Don't wait. Start your journey with us now and experience the Red Wagon Club difference. Secure your legacy, expand your horizons, and make new friends at all of our fun events. Welcome to the Red Wagon Club!

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